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Hello, my name is Sheri Johnson. As a professional groomer I hold strong ethical practices.

  • To achieve a humane and compassionate environment for all pets entrusted to my care.
  • Strive to maintain a neat, clean, sanitary, safe and healthy environment.
  • Actively pursue continued education in order to achieve professional growth, excellence, and quality of service.

I was born and raised in Northern California and was transplanted here in Texas April 2005. I have been blessed with two daughters. One who practices as a veterinary assistant and the other who is a full time college student.

Not too long after coming to Texas, I was given the opportunity to work at a kennel in Godley, Texas. It was this experience that gave me the passion to become a professional pet stylist. In February of 2008, I became a student of Texas Allbreed Grooming School and graduated as a certified pet groomer. My journey as a professional groomer has offered many exciting opportunities. I have had the privilege to groom in a private grooming business, corporate style grooming, veterinary hospital, and as an instructor at Texas Allbreed Grooming School.

Please Call For Grooming Pricing (817) 326-6262. Prices vary from pet's size, coat condition, pet's temperament, and cut style requested.


All express baths come with a nail trim and ear cleaning.

Small under 20 lbs - $24.00

Medium 20-40 lbs - $27.00

Large 40-80 lbs - $31.00

Extra Large 80-99 lbs - $36.00

Extra Extra Large over 100 lbs - $42.00


All full baths come with a nail trim, ear cleaning, and clean up trim (only face, paws, and sanitary are trimmed).

Small under 20 lbs - $37.00

Medium 20-40 lbs - $42.00

Large 40-80 lbs - $46.00

Extra Large 80-99 lbs - $51.00

Extra Extra Large over 100 lbs - $57.00


The grooming add-ons will be added to any exit bath or groom pricing.

  • Nail Dremel - $10.00
    • Can be included with any bath or grooming. This service smoothes sharp edges off the nails and aids in getting the nail shorter.
  • Teeth Brush - $10.00
  • Nail Dremel and Teeth Brush Package - $15.00
  • Facial Cleanser - $5.00 (only $3.00 with purchase of another add-on)
  • De-Shed Package -This package includes de-shedding shampoo along with a specialized conditioner. 30 minutes of extra de-shedding brushing also included.
    • Under 29 lbs - $12.00
    • 30 - 65 lbs - $15.00
  • Complete De-Shed Package with Nail Dremel
    • Under 29 lbs - $17.00
    • 30 - 65 lbs - $20.00
  • Complete De-Shed Package with Nail Dremel, and Teeth Brushing
    • Under 29 lbs - $22.00
    • 30 - 65 lbs - $25.00


Base price is your choice of an Express Service Bath or a Full Service Bath with an additional $35.00 charge.

If you don't want to risk the skunk smell rubbing off in your car, then give our Skunk Bath Recipe a try.

Paws Loyalty Program  

It is free to join. With every grooming visit, you will earn 1 paw.  After earning 8 paws, you will receive a $20 grooming credit to be used on your groom or bath!

Turn-Around Time:

We receive many questions from owners wanting to know when their pet will be ready to pick-up. We try to have a 3-4 hour turn-around time. However, time to discharge depends on the condition of the coat, breed size, and the type of grooming services. If your pet needs services from the hospital, wait time may be longer. We will call you as soon as your pet is ready to go. We appreciate your consideration and patience while we strive to maintain the best possible care for your pet.

Monthly Grooming Special:


When is the last time you looked in your pet’s mouth? This month, our focus is on dental health and we are offering 15% off our Teeth Brushing Package. With the purchase of this package, your pet will get their teeth thoroughly brushed and you will receive a take home dental goody bag filled with your pet’s toothbrush, toothpaste, as well as treats that promote good dental health!

If you would like your pet to have an ultrasonic dental cleaning, polish, full mouth x-rays, and complete oral exam by our doctors, we would be happy to schedule it or provide you with an estimate. This cleaning and evaluation will remove all tarter and provide in-depth evaluation of the oral health of your pet. After all, the health of your pet’s mouth can affect the rest of their body!

Our summer package includes our scented shampoo and cologne, the rainforest facial cleanser, and your choice of summer decor. The scented shampoos we are offering right now are Strawberry Lemonade and Blueberry Bliss. This package is $5; however, when you purchase any add-on service, you get it for $3!

Creature Comfort Grooming Survey

Please take a moment to complete our survey about your experience grooming with us. We value your input! Your answers to the following questions will help us to better serve you!

  • What do you like best about our service?


  • What do you like least about our service?


  • What products would you like to see offered? (Brushes, combs, colognes, shampoo…)


  • How did you hear about us?
  • How can we improve?



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