Getting annual lab work for your pet can be an important part of a pet wellness program. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX, we offer pet wellness exams to help your pet live a long, active, and happy life. Our animal hospital is here to help your pet.

Why Does My Pet Need Annual Lab Work?

Pets are good at hiding illnesses and can't tell us when they don't feel well. However, just like with humans, annual lab work is valuable in providing insight into your pet's health. Many serious conditions, such as kidney or liver disease, thyroid issues, and diabetes, can be managed and treated with early detection. 

In addition, pets age faster than we do. Therefore, annual lab work provides your vet a baseline should more severe issues develop later in your pet's life.

If you're worried about the costs, remember that preventative veterinary care helps our pets live longer, healthier lives and can save you money in the long run that would have been spent on costly medical procedures. 

What Does Annual Lab Work Include?

Annual lab work tests four main categories: blood, urine, biochemistry profile, and thyroid.

A complete blood count (CBC) test provides the count and makeup of red and white blood cells, including platelets. This test is routine for a pet and can detect early signs of disease.

A urinalysis test provides information on the kidneys and how the urinary system is working. It detects any signs of infection or inflammation and can provide an early warning of diabetes.

The biochemistry profile is a panel of tests for all the major organs in the body. It can help detect any abnormalities before illnesses develop.

A thyroid test helps monitor the hormone levels in your pet. This test is especially important if your pet has experienced recent weight gain or lack of energy.

When Should I Do Annual Lab Work?

A good time for annual lab work is during your pet's yearly check-up. Based on a physical exam and going over any noticeable changes in your pet's behavior, a vet on our team will recommend which tests would be most appropriate.

When the test results are ready, the vet will review the findings with you. If any abnormalities are discovered, the veterinarian may recommend further testing, including to find the source or create an appropriate treatment plan.

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