Prioritize Pet Dental Care for a Long, Healthy Life

Have you been prioritizing your pet’s dental care? There can be severe consequences if you fail to provide proper dental care for your animal. A visit to Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA, for a dental exam and teeth cleaning can help keep your pet’s dental health in top shape.

Why Pet Dental Care is Important

Did you know that oral disease can impact the organs of the body? Periodontal disease is a very common condition among both cats and dogs. It happens when plaque hardens into tartar, and it develops under the gumline, damaging the tissues that connect the jawbone to the teeth. Periodontal disease can make its way into the bloodstream and affect several organs of the body. While this disease can be controlled with treatment, your pet may already experience severe pain, tooth loss, or swollen or bleeding gums.

The best ways to prevent periodontal disease and the dreadful repercussions are with regular pet dental care and teeth cleanings from a veterinarian.

Annual Pet Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings

Pet dental exams are recommended every year because these exams make it possible for our veterinarian to safely and thoroughly check the mouth, teeth, and gums of your pet for signs of common dental problems. Teeth cleanings are done to keep teeth clean and help the teeth to resistant the buildup of plaque. Our San Jose veterinarian takes pet dental care seriously, and you should, too. Your pet will feel happier and will make it healthier.

Do You Want Your Pet to Be Happy and Healthy? Prioritize Its Dental Care

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