Providing the best health care for your pet will often include diagnostic tests. Some of these tests are very similar to the same types of tests doctors use for people. One such diagnostic test provided at All Creatures Animal Hospital, serving Granbury, TX, is the echocardiogram. Keep reading to learn more about this important service.

What Is an Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram, sometimes referred to as an echo or cardiac ultrasound, is one of the many diagnostic tools used at our facility. This test allows our veterinarian to look closely at an animal’s heart and the area surrounding the heart. This tool uses sound waves at a high frequency to create images. These live images allow our vet to understand how an animal’s heart is functioning. This information can then be used to make a diagnosis of illness. With the help of an echocardiogram, our vet will evaluate the pet’s heart size, shape, and functionality in the four chambers of the heart as well as the valves and surrounding areas. The echo can also reveal how the blood is flowing in the heart.

Will My Pet Need a Specialist?

Your regular veterinarian may not be qualified to perform this type of test. In many cases, it is required that an echo be performed by a veterinary cardiologist. At our facility in Granbury, TX, we have staff available to perform this life-saving test.

What Should I Expect during an Echocardiogram?

If a pet needs an echocardiogram, the procedure will be performed with your pet lying on a table. A probe is held against your pet’s skin above his heart. This probe will send high-frequency sound waves into your pet’s heart and surrounding areas. These sound waves will then be translated into images that our doctor can review. In most cases, staff will need to shave the area where the probe will be used. This causes no discomfort to your pet.

Because this is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure, most pets will not need sedation. If your pet seems stressed or frightened, you can discuss sedation with your vet.

Why Would My Pet Need an Echocardiogram?

This procedure is used on animals who have been diagnosed with heart murmur. It can also be used in instances when a pet is suspected to have developed heart disease.

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