At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we believe that exotic animals need compassionate veterinarian care. We have professional veterinarians dedicated to providing the utmost care to your animals and a state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in Granbury, TX. We offer treatment to various exotic pets such as guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles. 

How to Take Care of Exotic Animals

Provide a Suitable Habitat for Them

One of the most important ways of taking good care of exotic pets is getting them a suitable habitat. Each pet has its unique habitat needs, and you should meet them to ensure they are comfortable and safe from any harm. Birds and small mammals require cages, while reptiles and fish require an aquarium. 

Get Them the Right Food

Every animal requires a good diet to be healthy. For exotic pets, you might need to research what to feed them on since some require a very specialized diet. If you are not sure what to feed them, your vet can always guide you. When you go to a pet food store, you’ll find several food brands for exotic pets. Your vet should guide you on what to get for your pet. 

Interact with Them Regularly

When you interact with your exotic pet regularly, it will be easy to notice even the slightest behavioral changes and take the necessary actions. Handling the animal physically (if doing so is safe) allows you to check their fur, hair, and other body conditions and monitor their health. 

Work with a Good Vet

Not all vets work with exotic pets. If you have plans to keep these pets or already have them, look for a veterinarian who offers exotic pet care. They will guide you on how to take care of these pets and offer treatment and vaccinations whenever necessary. 

How to Know Your Exotic Pet Has a Problem

Some of the signs that can indicate your exotic pet has a problem include:

  • Changes in drinking and eating habits, such as taking more or less than usual
  • Changes in appearance such as weight loss, fur loss, changes in skin color, swelling, and lesions
  • Behavior changes such as hiding more, becoming more aggressive, becoming lethargic, or looking disoriented

Exotic Pets Vet Care

Just like dogs and cats, exotics also need veterinary services. These pets also get ill and require treatment by an experienced vet. They also need routine wellness exams to check whether they are healthy. A veterinarian will guide you on when to take your pet for examinations and some of the signs that indicate your pet is ill. 

Visit All Creatures Animal Hospital for Exotic Pet Treatment Services

Unlike conventional animal hospitals that only offer cat and dog care, All Creatures Animal Hospital treats exotics, too, such as reptiles. We also offer preventative care and checkups for these animals. We are located in Granbury, TX. To schedule an appointment in our animal hospital, call us at (817) 326-6262.