Ultrasonic Scaling for Your Pet's Dental Needs

Ultrasonic scaling uses small instruments inserted below and around the gumlines of a dog or cat to help remove tartar build-up and plaque. The ultrasonic scaling process uses vibration to help break up the material before it's cleared away by our veterinarian and vet tech team. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX, we use this technique in conjunction with other pet dental methods to provide safe and thorough pet dental treatment.

Ultrasonic Scaling Benefits

Ultrasonic scalers work quickly and are gentle. The soft tips vibrate around 18,000 times a second. The ultrasonic scaling technique reduces the amount of time a pet needs to be under anesthesia and does not harm the enamel itself. Having a fully clean tooth prevents bacteria from adhering to the tooth in the future, potentially reducing future dental problems. It's also much faster than trying to remove the tartar by hand.

The Ultrasonic Scaling Process

Our veterinarian will always start with an oral exam while your pet is awake. Blood is taken and tested to make sure your pet can be under anesthesia safely. Our veterinarian places your pet under general anesthesia and conducts a more thorough exam. X-rays may also be taken at that time. General anesthesia helps keep your pet calm.

During the ultrasonic scaling part of the pet dental treatment, our veterinarian will move a handheld ultrasonic scaler back and forth across the tooth and gently below the gum line. The vibrations from this device clean away any plaque and tartar on the surface of your pet's teeth and below their gum line, which can then be removed with cotton gauze or dental floss. Our vet will then inspect the gum line and pack any pockets below the tooth with a healing agent to help restore the gums. 

If any other dental procedures need to be done, they will be performed at this time. Other dental procedures may include tooth extractions and stitching of the gums. Finally, the remaining teeth are polished. 

After the Ultrasonic Scaling Process

Our veterinarian will discuss any changes or finds with you. You'll be given instructions on how to care for your pet if any additional dental treatments are performed at that time. Your pet will be good-to-go for another six months to a year, depending on our vet's recommendations.

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