Pet Orthopedic Surgery at All Creatures Animal Hospital

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we often tend to cats and dogs suffering from various orthopedic issues. Whether it's limping, favoring one leg over the other, difficulty standing up or walking, or pain and swelling in the legs, we can help. Sometimes, your pet could have orthopedic issues that are congenital. Whether your pet is suffering from an injury or hereditary issues, we can help correct these problems through orthopedic surgery at our Granbury clinic.

Common Pet Orthopedic Problems

Some animals may develop luxating patella, in which the kneecap slides out of position during movement. Injury to the cranial cruciate ligament can cause lameness and discomfort in the animal's leg. Larger breeds of dogs may have genetic factors that cause hip dysplasia, which affects their ability to walk and move normally. Animals may also develop spinal discs problems that affect movement and comfort.

Symptoms of Orthopedic Problems in Pets

You may begin to suspect an orthopedic problem when you notice your pet is less eager to go for walks or to exercise. Your pet may have difficulty getting up from a lying-down position or going up or down stairs. Other symptoms to look out for are swollen limbs and your pet excessively licking the affected area. You may also notice your pet limping or being more irritable than usual. We often see pets with orthopedic problems gain weight due to lack of exercise.

Diagnosing Pet Orthopedic Issues

Our veterinarian will give your pet a thorough examination, paying attention to details such as the affected area's appearance, your pet's gait, and any signs of discomfort. We usually diagnose orthopedic issues with the help of x-rays and ultrasounds. However, blood tests and other tests may also be used to help pinpoint the root cause of your pet's orthopedic issue or rule out other causes.

How Orthopedic Surgery Can Help

Some animals may sustain complex fractures of bones that require orthopedic procedures. Our vet can also surgically repair a luxating patella to stabilize structures in the knee. Some dogs require surgery to repair spinal discs to reduce discomfort and restore mobility in the spine. Surgical CCL repair of the ligaments in the knee can improve comfort and normal movement.  These procedures generally have very successful outcomes. 

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