Healthy gums, good breath, and clean teeth are vital to your pets' health, but most people do not ensure that their pets receive the oral hygiene they deserve and need to prevent diseases. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX, we provide oral assessments, treatments, and prevention protocols with an innovative approach to pet oral health care that sets us apart from other animal hospitals. 

Our comprehensive approach to oral issues can positively affect the mouth and overall health of your pet. Therefore, a pet dental visit to our animal hospital is essential for his or her health. Our veterinary team also helps educate pet owners on how they can take care of their pets' oral health at home

How Do We Perform an Oral Exam?

Just like other medication conditions, we start an oral examination with a brief history of your pet. Before performing the exam, our vet might ask you if you noticed issues such as pawing at the mouth, excessive drooling, and bad breath that can indicate that your pet suffers from a dental problem. After that, our veterinarian examines your pet's neck and health to see if it has abnormalities such as enlarged lymph nodes, pain, lumps, and swellings.

Next, our vet will check your pet's gums and teeth for inflammation, bleeding, or redness. Also, we will examine the teeth for plaque and damage such as cracks. We understand that plaque and tartar contribute to bacteria that can attack the gums, teeth, bones, and surrounding components. Also, bacteria that result from periodontal disease can enter your pet's bloodstream and affect the heart, kidneys, and liver. While examining the mouth, our veterinarian will look for growths and lumps that can indicate oral cancers. In other cases, we undertake x-rays to determine the health of teeth roots and diagnose impactions, tooth root abscesses, and fractures.

What Are the Benefits of Oral Exams?

Healthy gums and teeth are very critical to the overall health of your pet. Through an oral examination, our veterinarian can alert you of your pet's dental issues and help you determine the most effective treatment. We understand that your pets can suffer from inflammation without proper oral care and can develop pain from periodontal diseases and lose their teeth.

Schedule an Oral Examination at Our Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX

At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX, we are committed to providing the best oral care that your pet deserves. If you wish to book an oral examination appointment, you can contact us at (817) 326-6262. We will also answer any questions that you have about the oral health of your pet. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your animal.